Slimming Treatment

G5 Fat Vibration Slimming/Massage

G5 fat vibration slimming and massage is a very good way combination of reducing cm’s and relaxing. In slimming, the effect of G5 is by breaking down the bundles of fats hence will give you desired result while in massage, it helps your tense muscle to relax thus helps in bringing back the body’s equilibrium through lymphatic drainage.

  • Breakdown the bundles of fat easily without cutting and undergoing surgical procedure.
  • Helps in bringing back body circulation in the right equilibrium.
  • Helps to ease tense and sore muscles.
  • Helps in relaxation thus mind and body benefited.
  • There is no much of consideration when it comes in G5 just that patient is free of any past history and existing diseases associated in application of G5 in the body especially in abdomen for slimming.
Contraindicated to the following patients:
  • In case of past medical history of Internal bleeding if applied in abdomen also if associated with congenital anomalies.

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