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Skin Care

Most of us are very concern when it comes to our skin, our legs, thighs, body, arms and especially to our faces. Skin brings the charm, the elegant look and proper presentation of our self in society that’s why we can’t blame people who are much worried enough when they see unsightly areas on their skin.

Our medical clinics offer a variety of ways to achieve the look that you want for your skin. We have facial and diamond peel. These two skin care procedure always in tandem because they both give better result for your skin on the face. Facial is done to properly clean your face, freeing it from pollutants, dust and bacteria it engulfs, also facial accompanied by diamond peel will give you a smooth and shiny face because of its action that removes dead skin especially takes away the dark areas on your face. Facial is recommended at least every month and Diamond Peel at least every once a week or once every two weeks also you can apply either Dr. Jeffs Whitening or Dr. Jeffs Collagen on your face after these procedures depends on your preference. Another we also offer products that you can use, First we have Clindamycin cream an anti-pimple cream that will helps hasten to dry up pimple leaving no mark on your face also this cream in combination with KAJ soap which is a pimple soap will work far more better because it rejuvenates your skin on your face. Second we have Night Cream in combination with Day Cream to remove dark areas on your face cause from sun damaged; day cream that you can use for daytime it serves as a sun block to protect your face from too much sun exposure also if you’re planning to put make up on this will be a perfect match. Third we have 4-1 Bleaching Cream, if you’re looking for an answer what is the best way to lighten up your sensitive areas like groin, armpit and even knees, elbows etc. 4-1 bleaching cream will help you. Lastly we have Glutathione soap a synthesize form of glutathione blend on the soap will help you to lighten up your skin leaving it youthful and radiant glow.

For elevated skin problems such as skin tags, syringomas, unwanted moles and warts doing laser is the best answer for those as the easiest and fastest way that we can remove it.

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