Costemic Surgery

Dimple or Cleft Chin Creation

Is a surgical enhancement of the cheek and chin that brings additional beauty to the face of men or women who wants to improve their looks. It can also correct facial asymmetries and congenital defects it is done through local anesthetic.

Preparation before surgery?
Patient will undergo medical history check up. Patient need to tell any allergies, accidents, trauma or any concerns regarding his health before the surgery started.

How long is the procedure?
For both creating dimple and cleft chin considered minor surgery that can be done for less than an hour.

Healing time?
Stitches will be removed on the 5th until on the 7th day after surgery and completely healed after 2 weeks.

What to expect after surgery?
Bruising and Swelling is normal up to two weeks. Tightness on the incision site is normal.

Do's and Don’ts after surgery?

  • Do normal daily routine as it is provided you take into consideration the surgical site.
  • Don’t touch the incision site.
  • Don’t get it wet for one week.
  • Don’t smile frequently because it will affect the sutured line on the cheeks.
  • Don’t eat hardly chewed food. Only soft diet is allowed for 1 week for dimple creation.
  • Don’t eat fishy and stinky food during healing time.

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