Costemic Surgery

Rhinoplasty (Nose Lift/Nose Reconstructive)

Is a surgical procedure where in the patient is usually undergone local anesthetic (Regional Block) it means that the particular area which is the nose is ONLY anesthetized. Patients commonly going through rhinoplasty are the ones who wanted to improve the appearance.

Preparation before the surgery?
Patient will undergo medical history check up. Patient need to tell any allergies, accidents, trauma or any concerns regarding his health before the surgery started.

How long is the procedure?
Usually a normal Nose lift will consumed 45 minutes to an Hour operation compare to a Nose Reconstructive which sometimes takes about 2 hours.

Healing time?
Stitches will be removed on the Fifth Day after the Day of the Surgery. It will take 2 weeks up to 3 months maximum of 6 months healing period.

What to expect after surgery?
Expect to have bruising until the second week after surgery. Peak of swelling is on the first day until the third day after surgery then gradually decrease Itchiness is common and normal during healing time.

Dos and Don’ts after surgery?

  • Do stay at home as much as you can to avoid pollutants, allergens and dust outside.
  • Do wear a protective mask when you’re going out.
  • Do protect your Nose during healing period.
  • Do cough and sneeze as much as possible on your mouth.
  • Don’t lean forward while healing because you build up pressure on your Nose.
  • Don’t smile frequently during healing time.
  • Don’t touch your Nose while healing because it aggravates the swelling inside your nose.
  • Don’t eat fishy and stinky food during healing as it does contribute to itchiness while healing.
  • Don’t get it wet for one week.
  • Don’t use any alcohol base products for six months over the face.

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